March 23, 2012

Heaven on Earth.

This is what I called as Heaven on Earth. BEEEEAAAAACH!! Finally after months I wanted to go to beach, yesterday, me, brod, my boyfie, and his mom, went to the beachh. First destination was Indrayanti beach,Wonosari Jogyakarta, but Indrayanti was so crowded. Long weekend so people choose to go to beach with their family. SO......curiosity brings new things to know. We arrived at Siung Beach. Have no idea to describe this beach. AWESOMEEEEE. GOD is totally COOOOOLLLL! I was fallin' in love at the first time. We had so much fun yesterday. Took a walk along the seashore, took pictures, ate Pecel that my boyfie's mom made, ahhh we really enjoyed it. I don't know what I have to say anymore. Better to share pictures that I took when sunset, hope you like it all my dear!
SIUNG IS RECOMMENDED BEACH TO VISIT. All these pictures are pure, no editing. 

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