August 14, 2012

Let be friends, nature..

About 2/3 weeks ago, me & my bestie, Gisma. We did a great job for our online store photosession at Mangkunegaran. It was so fun, we were playing, laughing, and took some candid photos. I love "sun-flare" nowadays; perfect color; perfect moment to capture our product, very concerned with its theme, NATURE. And I was so excited, within 1 weeks all items already sold out. We still have a lot that still available, visit here & follow twitter

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March 23, 2012

Heaven on Earth.

This is what I called as Heaven on Earth. BEEEEAAAAACH!! Finally after months I wanted to go to beach, yesterday, me, brod, my boyfie, and his mom, went to the beachh. First destination was Indrayanti beach,Wonosari Jogyakarta, but Indrayanti was so crowded. Long weekend so people choose to go to beach with their family. SO......curiosity brings new things to know. We arrived at Siung Beach. Have no idea to describe this beach. AWESOMEEEEE. GOD is totally COOOOOLLLL! I was fallin' in love at the first time. We had so much fun yesterday. Took a walk along the seashore, took pictures, ate Pecel that my boyfie's mom made, ahhh we really enjoyed it. I don't know what I have to say anymore. Better to share pictures that I took when sunset, hope you like it all my dear!
SIUNG IS RECOMMENDED BEACH TO VISIT. All these pictures are pure, no editing. 

March 17, 2012

I've found that man.

Hello bloggers. This is my first post in March. Time goes so fast right? Usually people will make hopes list each month. And so do I. I have a lot. I just want to tell you the outline "Hope everything goes more better" for the detail I'll keep it by my self. I want to share my thoughts about love. What is love? Hard to find the right explanation for love. As I know, Love is the best gift from God, isn't? Love is a kind of feeling that we can feel, we can share, to anyone. Furthermore, love is about accepting flaws. I've learned a lot about it trust me. And I don't want to do the same mistake. Oh Jesus Christ, I deserve better. Special thank to my ex's, you guys taught me a lot, how to be a strong woman, independent, and loveable person hahaha. I've finally found someone, who loves me unconditionaly, protect me, and I feel safe when he's around. I really love his maturity, his thoughts, smell of his perfume, his smile & sound of his laugh, the way he talks, the way he sees me, his voice, when he said I'm beautiful without any make up on, our silly conversations, anything, I love it all. He knows how to boost my mood up, how to make me laugh. He remembered all the little things I said in fact I sometimes forgot that I've ever said it. He always there everytime I need him, he waited me for a year, he showed me that I'm worthy to be loved. He opened my mind to think clearly, till I finally realized that yes, he's that man that I've been looking for. For all my dears, God always gives us better, in the right time and in His own way, hold on you just need to be more patient. Ah, we (me & him) have the same dream too, how about to travel the world? One day we will. Amin..

February 25, 2012

One of reasons why I smile.

Yeshhh. I know that I knooow that. She reminds you with Afiqa? No... She's Dian. She has similar face with that kid in Oreo's advertisement. Not that different. Her bangs, her face shape. As cute as you see these pictures. She's absolutely adorable. That's why I love kids, I admit that they're super-ultra-mega-adorable. Can't find the reason for not loving kids. Oh God, me want babies!

February 15, 2012

Living in Paradise.

Nothing special in these picts. Just want to share this to you bloggers. In the afternoon, we had an idea to take a pict at here. We lost the sunlight, too bad. Took with infrared picture style mode for canon.
Today me and mom had fight. But I bet, tomorrow me and mom will get better, like there's nothing happen between us. Oyaaa... I want Hot Rollers, but its expensive, to me. Maybe I should work more harder to get a lot of money, haha!
What I wore stuff new session already uploaded. Check them out! here.
Already 11 o'clock here, so ready to sleep. Gonna go to Jogyakarta tomorrow. To finish my college thingy. Goodnight everyone, hope you had a nice Wed!

February 14, 2012

When pink met yellow.

Tuesday afternoon me and Gisma, did photoshoot. Bagas as the photographer. We used the sunlight to get an adorable lightning, and voilaaaa yes we got some good photos with reflection of sunlight behind. I was so excited (little bit too much). I wore new stuff that I bought from online shop. I like the colour, dark yellow. Usually I wore a dark colour, like black, navy. Gisma wore vintage pink knit and put her favorite necklace.
 And almost forget, its February, 14! Happy Valentines Day. Spread the love everywhere to everyone, everytime not only for today. Love people around, give them the best of you. Love is in the air.... Hope you have a lovely valentines day ever!

February 12, 2012

Mine was so nice.

So happy for having a good time with my dog. Yesterday me & Dolly took some silly photos. I was so very happy cause it's been a long time I'm not playing with Dolly. I've been so busy with my college's life and my business. Oyaa. I love my lace top, my necklace too. My boyfriend gave me that necklace as a gift. I had a nice Saturday. Hope you had a nice day too. 

February 02, 2012

If Only.

Sam : What?
Peter :
I love you.
Sam :
I love you too.
Peter :
I want to tell you why I love you.
Sam :
Its raining you know that, right?
Peter :
I have to tell you this and you need to hear it. I've loved you since I met you. But I wouldn't allow myself to truly feel it until today. I was always thinking ahead. Making decisions out of fear. Today, because of what I learned from you.. every choice I made was different and my life has completely changed. And I've learned that if you do that you're living your life fully. It doesn't matter if you have five minutes or fifty years. Samantha, if not for today if not for you. I would never have known love at all. So thank you for being the person who taught me to love. And to be loved.
Sam :
I don't know what to say..
Peter :
You don't have to say anything. I just wanted to tell you.
-- If Only. (He loved her like there was no tomorrow)

If Only is one of romantic movies that successfully make me think about love. Man, you need to watch this movie, just to know how to treat your woman perfectly, like Peter did.

January 31, 2012

7days Bandung.

HALOHAAAAA! SOLOOOO! 7days we (me & selly) had so much fun in Bandung, now finally home. And I wanna share things that I've had there. Here it is.....

DAY #1.
After 8 hours, we (me & selly) arrived at Bandung Train Station, about 5pm? My sissie, Nanda & her mom, picked us up. We went to a restaurant (sorry I forget the name of that restaurant) em.... Next, we went home & take a rest.

DAY #2
We (me, selly, sis Nanda & her mom) went to Factory Outlets. Yeaaaahs... Shopping time! Selly bought a lot of stuff. She bought a cute dress, a coat, a sweater, a shawl, a short, I forget the other. Finished with this-girl-favorite-activity we moved to Tree House to get our late lunch. This place looks nice outside. So match with the weather at that day.

Me ate spaghetti with smoked beef (I forget the name again, my bad.) Selly & sisie Nanda with their big black pepper sausage. And sisie Nanda's mom, hmmmm ate like a steak with baked potato? ahh agaiiin I forget what its name. Here's the picts..

DAY #3

YIPIEEEEE! So excited when sisie Nanda's mom took us to Butterfly Park. I saw beautiful butterflies. They're colourful. All of them are perfeeect. Omgg, God is soooo-good! We took pictures of ourselves and butterflies. The blossom flowers made me feel like living in a fairyland, yapp flowers & butterflies.

Me also watched how butterfly 'get married' (I will show you their pict.) And you know, that the first time I saw cocoon, a metallic-cocoon...

and... and... and... big grasshoppers!

Enough with butterfly thingy, we moved to Lembang. Then went down to Risol at House of Risol. We bought 2 risols with chicken cordon bleu & bechamel beef in it (if I'm not wrong.) Ohh and sisie Nanda bought Tahu Susu Lembang too. Got our tummy about to explode, we went down again and arrived at Paris Van Java. I got 2 pair of flat shoes & accessories, mommy I'm sorry but they're just too cute.

Satisfied with the shoes we ate agaiiin, now sushi groove sushi time. Just ordered krakatau blahblah (again I forget the name) & princess roll. Green tea ice cream for dessert.

NOOOOO!! Its not the end of the third day. From PVJ, we went to Siera to see beautiful scenery of Bandung at night. SUPEERRRRCOLD HERE. The lights of buildings looks beautiful from above. So bad I don't have tripod, almost all pictures not focus. Felt tired, about 8/9pm we went home.

DAY #4
WALEEEEE! A yummy noodles with mushroom. Yummy yamien too. Satisfied enough! Moved to Ciwalk. Again. We love foods so much. Eat-Repeat. I got bracelet for my bestie, Gisma. Hope she like it. Enough for the fourth day.

DAY #5
Emmmm..... Batagor, Dvds, Yamien.

DAY #6
FREEEEDAAYYY. Stayed at home aaaall day long, dvds marathon. Haaaa we got 15dvds. But we just watched Dream House, Chipmunks 3, Pursuit of Happyness and One Day.

DAY #7 (The Last Day)
Kartika Sari Kartika Sari. Molen, Cheese Roll, Basreng, and blahblah. Had lunch at Om Duleh, then hello train station! Time to go back to hometown. Big thank to sisie Nanda's family.
That's all about my trip to Bandung. Hope you guys had a nice holiday too!

January 21, 2012

Holiday is Coming....

YEEEYYYYY! I'm so happy to know that holiday is in the air. I passed exam tests yesterday. And I got a terrible news about my ALK's score. That was reallyyyyyy not good. REALLY NOT GOOD and almost gave me a heart attack. Okeyy, now forget about that terrible news. Why we don't talk about holiday? When I hear 'Holiday' I imagine all the good things. Yes, good things like, beach, having spare times with friends, family, and boyfriend, or do shopping with mom, or cooking, and certainly I will have a lot of time to sleep. 4days later, I'll have a trip to Bandung with one of my bests. Really hope that would be an unforgetable trip. I'm so excited cause this is for the first time I go on vacation out of town with my friend for 1week. We will go there by train. It needs hours to get there, maybe 5 or 6 or 7? No matter. Can't wait to meet my sister Nanda too, by the way.


aha and bestfriend rules. a day with my best partner in crime, in anything.